Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Francesco in Francisco :)

Caaaan't we just have the best of both worlds? Ah, how sweet that would be!
I must thank Lisa (Italiana Americana) for giving me this song! (Grazie Lisa)

Yes, she's right, the fact that this Italian song was filmed here in my backyard might be why it appeals so much to me. Two worlds I love (my current home and my future home) combined into one...

Though to hear this in the San Francisco Bay as I literally pack my bags and "Cambio Direzione" ( change direction) somehow adds special meaning for me :) Plus, isn't he charming? hehe...

Francesco Renga (a San Francisco) "Cambio Direzione"
(Click on the picture to view the video)


womanwandering said...

Hey, I loved this, borrowed it, blogged it too.


LaurinainItalia said...

You and I definitely have the same taste in music...I listened to Francesco Renga constantly when I was in Italy..ahh memories!

Anonymous said...

l love Italian music. And l am enjoying reading about your journey to Rome. As said in the Alchemist - When your following your personal legend the universe will conspire to support you.

Calabrisella said...

Francesco Renga is awsome!
this song definitely applies to you..hahaha

Do you like Tiziano Ferro?
he is also very charming ;-}

Ci vediamo


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

great video...I love the Bay Area.

I don't know Francesco Renga. I will have listen to more of his songs.

Italiana Americana said...

:) hehe I'm glad you really liked it! its a great song! Also his song angelica is fantastic! ciao ciao

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Thanks Di, stopped by your blog and it was nice to see that!

Laura, isn't Francesco charming? something about his carefree italian nature is too cute, hehe... your blog isn't listed in your profile Laura, and I must admit I'm a bit curious :)

It's funny Cleopantha, but several of my friends and even my brother asked me recently if I've read Alchemist and I loved that book! Thanks so much for your email you have a way with words and it was very touching!

Tiziano? YES Calabrisella, you read my mind since I was going to post "Stop, Dimentica" but the video makes me a little dizzy :) but I love his songs!

NYC... and I love your home in LA! I was in Los Angeles a few months ago and aren't the south and northern California sooo different?

Thanks again Lisa!!! :) Angelica? Hmmm... haven't heard it :) I'll look it up on YouTube! :) Grazie...

Patricia said...

well i love italian musica so thank you for shoe me anothe alternative to download!! jejeje

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Gracias Patricia, sabes me dio mucho gusto pasar por tu pagina, leer tus palabras y luego encontrarte aqui :)

Anonymous said...

Ciao dall'Italia!
Conosci i Subsonica?
I particularly like this song, (and I think the video's great):


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Grazie Enrico!!

Si, avevo sentito la canzone, ma non avevo mai visto il video!

Non sai quanto mi piace la musica!

Grazie :)