Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lean on me...

It's decided. I'm definitely canceling my beloved medical contracts and opening Italian translation contracts. The move calls for it, and by not having to deal with land lines and dollars, I will be able to rely on the security and flexibility of emails and Euros.

Translate away from a coffee shop in Rome? Hey!

As I take the last medical calls, all week I've been admiring outside my window a proud peach tree that once stretched it's arms to heaven but had recently began to look a bit tired and it's busy arms now touched the ground with the weight of ripe fruit. How can a tree give so much fruit? So much that when the sun sets the peach scent filters through my curtains.

I've continued with my busy days not minding the hundreds of peaches staring at me daily. Today's view was not as pleasant and I stood there frozen. The tree gave in and one of the 3 main branches snapped in half with the weight! A simple stick would have saved the tree and would have given us years of fruit!

With guilt, we picked up all the fruit from the wounded branch and gave it away to grateful relatives and neighbors.

Phone rings, I must take a call. I find myself speaking to a patient about her discharge from the hospital. After a long set of instructions, I ask her if there are any stress factors that might hinder her recovery.

The line grew quiet, and I could sense that I had touched a sensitive subject.

In between muffled sobs she whispers that her daughter passed away in a car accident and left an orphaned toddler for the grand-parents to raise, but her husband had also been injured and was bed-ridden and paralyzed. She had lost a daughter, her husband couldn't work anymore, and she now must manage to raise a toddler as her health needed tending as well.

There are resources available to you, you know? We could send a nurse to help you with house chores, cooking, and your husband's care. We could schedule therapy for you, this is hard! You have a big load and you need all the help you can get!

She fakes an optimistic tone and answers back "I'm fine thank you, I really rather not talk about this; I don't want to think about it. Have you called the prescription to the pharmacy?".

Yes, it's ready. Remember that help is just a phone call away, okay?

Thank you, I don't need more help.

...and I look out at the peach tree.

I don't want to stare at another branch give too much until it snaps, but what more can one do?

Working my way through med school doesn't sound so difficult anymore...


Calabrisella said...

sometimes we need a helping hand, even if its hard to admit...

i am very happy for you and your opportunity!

buona fortuna con tutto!


sognatrice said...

What a horrible situation, but you know that you can only help people who want help. Really puts things in perspective, though, and we all need that every once in a while.

Congratulations on your decision :)

Jeanne said...

My prayers and love go out to this lady........
Thanks for sharing.
When prayers go up
blessings come down.
I am ever thankful for every good thing in my life.
Love and hugs and smiles.

Congratulations on all that you accomplish. I admire bright motivated people!

rowena said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are canceling your medical contracts! Just through your blog and from how you write, it seems that you've got a pleasant manner about you...a characteristic that is so welcome when requiring care from those in the healthcare industry!

Our peach tree, even if just planted this past spring, yielded only 11 lovely peaches this summer. We are gradually picking them one by one as they fully ripen. I only hope to have a yield such as yours one day....more opportunity to share and make friends with the neighbors! :-)

qualcosa di bello said...

your decision sounds wise.
your heart is so kind...but this dear person cannot be helped unless she desires it too.

her grief sounds very private right now...but knowing that help is there is often enough to get someone through difficult times.

keep her in your heart, it is all you can do.

NancyQ said...

I would call that denial.....

And as far as the peaches, they look yummy!


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Awwww thanks though I must admit I'd do work in the medical field even if they did NOT pay me! but since I do need to earn more for grad school expenses, then I'm going for Euros and feel guilty about it... as if I'm selling out :(

Calabrisella, yes, often times those who need help the most are the ones who refuse to admit it! Interesting...

Ciao Sognatrice e anche qualcosa di bello :) What both of you said is something I have to repeat to myself until I really get it "we can only help those who want help!".

Thanks Jeanne! My prayers are with her too...

Rowena you put your finger on how I feel about the accounts! and I think I'll have to keep at least a few medical hours per day until I leave for Rome...
Ah, but your peach tree is just a baby! I think it will yield more and more peaches each year, until all your friends and neighbors have their fill and you don't know what to do with the rest! :)

Hola Nancy! Hehe... yes, probably a little bit of denial, mixed with many other emotions she tries to control in an attempt to preserve dignity.

Karen Cole said...

Yes, you do sound like just the person I would want to deal with in a medical situation. The fact is though that someone like that would be wonderful to deal with in ANY situation. So, where ever your path may lead....you will do well.

Thanks for visiting me and for your comments. I have been trying to read over much of your blog. What a writer you are!!!

I admit though, I haven't read through everything and am trying to figure out when you are leaving for Rome...

I'm leaving for Italy on Sept. 17th for 10 days....alas, I wish it were longer. I'll be in Rome for the last two.

Ciao...and peace, Karen

jOolian said...

beautiful story...really. bravo! ~julian

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Karen, you are going to Rome in a few days!!!!! That's amazing :)

Thank you, I don't know what to say other that I hope that there wont be any medical condition for us to meet up through :)

I would have liked to have been in Rome by now, but I should arrive there in a couple months. At least as soon as I can work out the long term logistics of it all, and there are many!

Enjoy Italy!

Grazie joolian!!