Thursday, October 4, 2007

Climbing life's endless mountain...

You know how it feels when something happens to you, forcing you to re-think reality - past, present and future; a paradigm shift. Traveling gives you many of those.

Having lived in 14 cities of both sides of the world, I'm a little familiar with the feeling.
We can imagine the life we want for ourselves, but there is a world of a difference from planning to real life. As we walk, we learn things we could not have imagined and must make path corrections to adjust to the "new realities" we encounter.

Sort of like the Apollo 13 crew in the lunar module, when they entered in orbit around the moon hoping a free return trajectory would "slingshot" the crew towards earth, but every once in a while they had to fire the descent engine to perform path corrections.

Had they not corrected their path, they would have flown off to outer space, forever lost in a path to no where… a sad, lonely, slow death.
Though sometimes they over corrected, sending them, once again, in the wrong trajectory, which called for a second path correction.

Likewise, I'm constantly having to make path corrections in order to stay on course for a successful life in self imposed exile... a challenge I take because it pokes my mind and I love it.

But you know what? Once you reach one goal, check one thing off your list, there's another one right in front of you that needs immediate attention.

Why? Because there is no summit! (that's my new theory).
Yes, my brother always tells me "when the mountain seems too steep, don't look up! Take one step at a time, and keep climbing!"

There is no summit in the Life Mountain. So, enjoy the climb! It's not about the end, it's definitely but about the life path we take.

Changing the subject, there was an earthquake tonight at 4am. It made me hurl my laptop across the bed and jump up on my feet. The wood home creaked and squeaked while the ground rumbled. That rumble. Like the earth growling. The shaking.

Earthquakes have such very particular shaking. I've lived through many of those over the years, but I can never get used to them.
Yes, it was a "baby earthquake", but it was strong enough that I almost cried!

There's something awful about not being able to trust the ground you walk on…


sognatrice said...

Scary stuff with the earthquake, but I'm happy to hear that your path-adjusting (something we *all* need to keep on top of!) is paying off :) Congrats on the long-term gig!

Eli Edmundson said...

I like this mountain climbing metaphor. I've never had a summit aspiration for myself which has led to a lot of meandering but also allows me to enjoy wherever I'm at in the moment. I have often heard of people getting depressed after reaching their personal summit because they don't have any idea of what is next, there is still climbing to do after that first summit, you can't just sit and enjoy the view too long, gets boring...

Patricia said...

Me gusta eso de que entre mas caminas mas aprendes a trazar tu camino!!

Animo con eso, el camino no siempre es facil pero habra valido la pena!

Tess said...

Well done for finding your path: keep climbing but don't forget to stop every now and then to enjoy the beautiful view around you! ;)

Sorry to hear about the earthquake, sounds pretty hectic...

La delirante said...

"when the mountain seems too steep, don't look up! Take one step at a time, and keep climbing!"

Hubby also likes to tell me that when I am feeling a bit negative (or not just a bit lol) He tells me "one step at a time" and then I remember that it is important to have great plans but also to enjoy the day :) and that great plans always need adjustments depending on the circumstances.

Have a lovely weekend,

Roam2Rome said...

Ciao Sognatrice :)
Grrrrazie :) Yes, quite scary. They tend to take us by surprise, too... in the middle in the night when it's more spooky.

Ciao Eli,
I've done quite a bit of meandering, too :) You're right about "life after the summit". Who was it that said 'the most dangerous stage in a person's life is when he's between goals' :)

Hola Patricia!
Tienes razon, esto definitivamente no es facil la mayor parte del tiempo, pero me fio que en el futuro habra valido la pena! :) Gracias :)

Hi Tess,
Most definitely! I like that opinion :)

Hola Delirante!
"it is important to have great plans but also to enjoy the day"

Ah, that phrase is what I want to live by! :) The funny thing is that in order to get it, lately it's just work, books, work, books

When you're feeling negative? Hard to imagine you being negative :)

daisies said...

yes, it is definitely about the life path i think because the goals keep piling up ~ i like your analogy that there is no summit :)

eep! earthquakes scare me likely because i've never experienced them but as shaky as the ground beneath me can get in a metaphorical sense, the literal one has me shaking!

have a lovely weekend!

Maddie said...

ohhhhhhhhhh funny! i have been
pondering this quote today!!!

We must be willing to get rid of the
life we have planned, so as to have the life
that is wating for us.

Joseph Campbell

hope you laptop is ok:)

(and i think that photo of the cafe is so

The Dream said...

I was JUST THERE not so long ago -went to The Stinking Rose. I love San Fran - my favorite American city, but Italy (all of it) is on my short list!