Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Airplanes and Risotto with Turkey :)

Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs Blog, Creative Commons License

Must admit the airport was very chaotic today, controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless...
with 40 million travelers in the US air today, we all knew what to expect and showed patience.
Of course, there was a good system in place which helped a lot.

In the end, despite crowded roads and flight delays, all of my family made it home for Thanksgiving :)

Thanksgiving Risotto with Turkey

Here is a simple and delicious recipe that works perfectly with left over turkey!

Cook Scallions in butter for 30 seconds

Add Pearled Barley (rice)
and Tarragon (herb)

Add Chicken Stock and boil for 20 minutes

On a separate pan melt butter with olive oil

Add Turkey and Shiitakes Mushrooms

Brown until crisp...

Mix the browned Turkey to the Risotto

Serve and enjoy! :)

(Weeeelll, it's supposed to look like this)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


KC said...

Yummy! We didn't order a turkey, so we won't be having a real Thanksgiving dinner :( but if I find some turkey breast cutlets in the market today, I just might make this recipe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

sognatrice said...

Looks fabulous!

Happy Thanksgiving!

qualcosa di bello said...

happy thanksgiving to you too!! what a fantastic recipe...something i can use in the coming days to help with the leftovers!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the risotto&turkey idea!

Jessica_in_Rome said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

mental mosaic said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I can imagine that your household feels nearly as chaotic as the airport today what with all your 'new arrivals' back on the scene. I love that kind of family commotion, and from your blog posts, your parents sound like wonderful people. Ciao & chow! ;)

p.s. You are the queen of using T-day leftovers well. Your gnocchi from leftover mashed potato idea is brilliant!

Maddie said...

I adore risotto ~ and am
going to try this recipe ~
Your photos look like a stunning

O. said...

very cool recipe, thank you! will try it out soon!

Roam2Rome said...

Hope Everyone had a good happy thanksgiving!

Ciao KC
Well, with or without Turkey, but Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones in the spirit of thanks is what counts in the end :)

Ciao Sognatrice!
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too :)

Ciao Qualcosa di Bello,
Ah, left overs! There is always plenty of Turkey for days, and days...

Prego Sharon!

Ciao Jessica!
Hope you had a happy thanksgiving, too :)

Ciao Tui,
Ah, I just love graceful simplicity :) and there's something nice about making good stuff with leftovers :)

Ciao Maddie!
Risotto is great, isn't it? Thanks!

Ciao Open Roads :)
Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting!