Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lucky Wednesday

How many persimmons can a person eat? Obviously, not enough! It's all we've been having lately since there are
hundreds, and hundreds of ripe persimmons on our back yard! As I was getting the rights for the previous images on istock, I was happy to have found this persimmon/cranberry salad :)

"A bed of mixed wild green hosts delectable toppings of dried and fresh cranberries, persimmons, walnuts, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and finished with an aged balsamic and honey dressing." Yum!

Meanwhile, speaking of backyard, every morning as I look outside my bedroom window, I see a long field of clovers and I wonder if there's a 4-leaf clover hiding somewhere in there. Today, half jokingly, I told my father I was going to step outside and look for that four-leaf clover of mine, and hopefully I'd give me good luck.

My father said, don't even try! You go out there and make our own luck!

I smiled and said, you're right! I'll make my own luck! So, I went out and made my own lucky 4-leaf clover! :) It's now taped to my bed-room mirror staring at me as I write.


La delirante said...

Sweet clover! :) I want one too ;)
Wow..Mexico, Have you been there? I haven't but I would like to go in the future.

BTW, I have tagged you :)

Roam2Rome said...

Hola Delirante!

You tagged me? Uuu, sounds like fun! let's see what this one is about!

Okay, I'll make you a 4-leaf clover, too :)

Christina said...

I found a 4 leaf clover once, wish I still had it .. lucky you!

I love that this game of tag is happening in blogs all over the world, yay!

Jeff Gromen said...

That's what we call them in English. I couldn't, for life of me, remember that name at the veggie place last night. They are definitely in season here too! They have two types. A hard (more reddish color) and a soft(the orange colored).
Sounds like it's time to "just take those old records off the shelf" and go Risky Business like...

Jeff Gromen said...

Ops slight mistake. The "dura" is orange and the "morbido" is red.

Roam2Rome said...

Ciao Christina,


Well, do you know what I'm thinking?

The first person I'm going to tag with this MeMe will be sweet you :)

You now have to post 7 random things about yourself, and tag 7 other people!

Roam2Rome said...

Ciao Jeff!

Your comment snuck in as I was tagging Christina.

You were wondering the name of this fruit yesterday? So THAT's why I had to blog about them today! Hehe, just kidding... Yes, the tree has 2 red ones and they were molto, molto morbidi, and a million yellow ones, so far.

Uuu, I'll go wild! trust me :)

KC said...

Wow, I'd never seen a four-leaf clover before!

I like the idea of a salad with persimmons. I wish you'd posted it back when I had a bunch of them. (If I really wanted to, I could buy some at the market, they're still in season.)

Tui said...

One of my superpowers is that I often find real 4 leaf clovers. They always cheer me up. I found one the last time Angelo and I went to the neurologist, for instance. But I like your dad's attitude about making your own luck. Have fun having the house to yourself. :)

Oh, you know what: I have never eaten a persimmon, and after your post, I noticed some in the fruit bowl here. I have to try one, but I don't even know how to tell if they are ripe or not...

sognatrice said...

So funny that you posted about a clover; just this morning as I was walking the dogs, I noticed some and wanted to go looking for a 4 leafer (I used to have one that my cousin gave me in my wallet) but they're working on a house nearby and all the old materials were piled up, thus blocking off the field. Glad you went and made one for me :)

Maryann@FindingLaDolceVita said...

I get such a good feeling everytime I visit your blog. Thanks for that :)

daisies said...

i found a four leaf clover this summer and it sits inside my moleskin art journal :) i LOVE that you made your own, tee hee!!


Devil Mood said...

Oh my, lucky you! :) I've searched but found none. It is beautiful, isn't it?

It's so funny because I only learnt last week how to say persimmons in english and I was trying to explain to an english friend what they were and he had only eaten them once, so he didn't know.

But over here there are many, I guess it's because the climate is similar to the one you have in California. I love them too. But you can get an excess of iron from eating too many, I've heard.

vivian said...

hello roam to rome!
hey, you won on my blogspot on halloween at the bloglandia ball! please email me your address so I can mail you your gift! you will love it!

Maddie said...

Well ~ now I must go make my own
four leaf clover ~ you are entirely