Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Listening to Yourself

... or listening to the group :)


Deb said...

Nice wednesday post! Come on over and check mine out! Im glad I have WEdnesday posts to laugh out, some are hilarious!

Eryn said...

great idea......besides two pictures are worth two thousand words!

Anonymous said...


I love hot cocoa...especially Italian Hot Cocoa....ciocolato caldo con panne (sp ?)

Reading your blog reminds me of the cultural differences between the U.S. and Italy...ohhh the subtleties.


glaukopis said...

all my life i've heard just myself...maybe that's why i'm so boring ;-)

Giulia said...

AH-HA-HA... that second photo is priceless!

Anonymous said...

you can find alla italian web sites in english version

PixieDust said...

This is sooooo perfect, hee,hee!


daisies said...


wonderful!! xox

qualcosa di bello said...

that photo gives a whole new meaning to the concept of being "snowed in"...i love it (even if i don't really "do" cold weather!)

now the first...i so could do that!

Maddie said...

Yup. I am with the group here:)

Chloe said...

lucky kids! I wish that was my son's school!

La delirante said...

Nice quote! BTW, I have found a nice book about "Oriental wisdom". Tao and Zen really intrigue me...I am thinking of buying it but then I have a resolution ;) "Not to get close to bookshops"...I guess I already broke it! since I went to the bookshop the only thing is that I have restrained myself from buying it! :) Well, next month perhaps.

Buen día!

Roam2Rome said...


I had so much fun saying my hellos here last night, but my replies disappeared. I wonder what I did wrong... Blogggger!

Ciao Deb, ukai, I'll be there in a min :)

Ciao Eryn,
...and in NaBloPoMo 2,000 implied words means a little breather in the month long madness!

Ciao Kent!
Grazie! and welcome :) I see you speak some Italian, too. Uh yes, there are countless subtleties that sneak up on us day by day.

Ciao Irenita!
...and that's why your life is so interesting! Trust me.

Ciao Giulia,
Anche a me piace :)

Hi PixieDust,
I'd missed you! Always good to see you :)

Hi Daisies!
We're halfway down NaBloPoMo! Thanxs for your continued support :)

Ciao Qualcosa di Bello,
Not a winter person, really? I wasn't either, but somehow snow captivated me :)

Ciao Maddie,
Your "tempest in a teacup" picture still has me smiling today :)

Ciao Chloe!
These are smart school children :) I wonder where were the teachers when they blocked the entrance to the school? I would have loved to have seen their expressions at that time!

Hola Delirante!
Sabia que seria mucha tentacion! :) Me pasa lo mismo...