Sunday, December 9, 2007

Personal Anthem...

As we walk our path. Who hasn't stopped to look back? Then look forward? I look back over my years. No. I don't remember a time when I wasn't a salmon swimming against the current, nor like David fighting Goliath.

How many years have I've been planning, learning, researching, working? Many. I've paid my dues. Now every sweat drop, tear, and smile adds up to the gift of my todays.

Like something in the horizon that approaches you, that Tomorrow is now Today.

When I look forward butterflies fill my stomach, but I'm tickled with excitement. Is this my life? Yes it is, because there's a time for everything. This is the right time for me and it seems even… *gasp* easy! No. It hasn't been easy. But I've learned many lessons. With practice, you can make almost anything seem easy.

Most definitely. Any kind of transition and new beginning is scary. So scary. Yet, it's a step we must take.

New beginnings means something must end. So, there might be a few more tears before there are more smiles. But I keep moving forward because I know I'll thank myself in a couple months.

Freelancing can be scary due to the lack of a "job". I'm independent. Giving up security is not for the faint of heart, but taking risks is necessary to reap good rewards. So, here I am working away with pink slippers, hot cocoa by a Christmas tree and my favorite songs. I really do love what I do, and my clients, too.

This song, I might add, has become my Personal Anthem!

"Well, I was so scared
And now I think I'll get through life as a girl,
Now I think I'll get through


Gaviota_mx said...

When I read this post I felt warm inside.

And being introduced to a new singer (new to me) added to it.

Good luck!

Devil Mood said...

I didn't know Chantal was so cute! But I loved her voice already.

Thanks for the link. You're absolutely right, it takes courage to want something different and to actually do something about it.

I smiled at your post, especially when you said that now it seemed easy - I'm sure it seems easy for all of us from the outside, we whoo are enchanted by how you live your life - but I'm also sure it isn't, it wasn't in many moments. But see, that's your magic - you even make hard things seem easy :)

katerinafiore said...

love your personal anthem...I really enjoyed this post. You spoke from the heart. What a fabulous lives we lead!! Congrats amica!!

Roam2Rome said...

Hola Gaviota!
Chantal is from Canada and she has such nice songs! She's surprisingly not known very much in the States, either... Gracias y nos vemos!

Hi Devlish!
Yes... I guess like the guy who introduced me to her music said "Chantal has a pretty face and a pretty voice" ;)

Well, surprisingly, things are actually much easier now... I credit blogs with helping me focus, since many, like you, are just so great to know day by day. Writing and reading blogs is a good outlet ;)

Ciao Katerina,
Welcome back! You've been MIA since you returned from Italy, weren't you? Hope you are well!

Jeff Gromen said...

This is warm and genuinely sweet song. A good anthem for how you feel now.
I would think "She" by Green Day would be good anthem for those days when you're swimming upstream!!!

Tina said...

I have never heard that song! She's cute.
Thanks for the inspiration. I need it today! :-)

Amy said...

I love the universal message although I must admit it feels like you wrote this just for me. :-) Thank you!!

Sharon said...

I think you are ready to FLY!

La delirante said...

Lovely post (as usual I must add :) As you said, beginnings are scary because something is also ending but it is also exciting! You made me think a lot about the freelance idea. It is true, it is freedom...Oh, how I would love that...

Loved the song! I will look for it in Youtube and favorite it.

Have a lovely day!