Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As I walked down the heart of San Francisco, and saw star-struck tourists snapping pictures left and right, I smiled and remembered one thing: they have probably seen more of the bay than I have because they know they wont be here to see it tomorrow, so they go see it today.

When I lived in Siena, I lived only a block from the Piazza del Campo. Tourists flocked the main square and would scale the tower. Yet, since I lived just a block away, and I could enjoy the breathtaking sight any time, I took the privilege for granted, and I never did get around to it.

Likewise, in life, we sometimes live life in tourist mode and soak up what ever we can because we know we might not have a chance tomorrow.

Other people are so sure they'll have tomorrow, and the next, that they never get around to following their dreams. For them, tomorrow never comes.

We all have a yearning within our hearts. A dream, maybe. A goal. It can be something small. Domani! Tomorrow!... it waits.

Tomorrow. Like the horizon. You keep walking towards it, but it never comes.

I prefer to live life like a visitor. Soak up what ever I can. Experience as much as I can. No more waiting because all I have is today, and I'm done with waiting for that elusive tomorrow...

Day before Kennedy's Assasination:

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