Friday, May 11, 2007

You need not look further than your own backyard!

After 5 years away through Italy, Scandinavia, Latin America the Northeast, Canada and Arizona, this week I returned home to the San Francisco Bay :) Oh, how sweet it was! At first, the change was mind boggling! and with hair now half way down my back and so many stories behind me, it took my parents a full 5 minutes to recognize that the girl staring at them in the airport was their daughter! :)

I woke up this week in the San Francisco Bay disoriented, not knowing where I was! The Latin quarter was bustling with life and sounds! Children giggling in the street, the subway flying by, street vendors selling pastries and snacks, cars booming by, satellite bringing immages from abroad, dad hugging mom and both carrying on a conversation, teasing and poking fun at each other… I felt dizzy with the new sounds and scents, but deeply moved by my parent's affection.

This move is just a pit stop to recharge my batteries. How long will that take? I'm not sure really… It was supposed to be a 3 month thing, but I just realized that this is where I belong.

I've lived in so many cities, and none better than home! I've tasted so many dishes, and none better than moms :) I've spoken so many languages, but only one touches my soul… I've heard so much music, and only one beat beats with my heart :)

I already have so much culture, languages, warmth and affection at home!

Yes, I'm still moving to Rome, but it will be just out of curiosity since I'll always remember today's lesson:

Everything you need, you need not look further than your own back-yard! Curiosity and dreams take me abroad, but it's good to have a warm place to run home to when the world becomes a big scary place…


Debo Hobo said...

WOW, that's like-Stop and smell the roses in your own yard.

Great Blog

Rob said...

What a wonderfully written blog. I am so happy when I read of people living their dream.

Rome is a lovely place and I loved San Francisco and the surrounding area too up in wine country when I went there last year.

My dream is getting ever closer I just know it when I will be able to live with the love of my life in Thailand. There really is nothing that can beat that feeling of setting off to experience something you always wanted to experience. It's what lie is all about and good on you for realizing that.