Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Personal Monkey Traps!

Today was a typical Sunny California Saturday and I found myself at a typical crowded California mall in search of my brother's birthday present. When I arrived, the parking lot was full of oversized cars blocking the road set on waiting as long as it takes for a good parking spot in front of the trendy store. I rolled my eyes and drove only a few feet forward around the corner and the rest of the parking lot was empty. ABSOLUTELY EMPTY. So I parked, walked into the store, and left them there waiting in the sun!

This reminded of the Indian monkey trap! Which I wouldn't doubt is nothing more than a cliched tale parents tell their children hoping the imagery sinks in and stays with them for life. Allegedly south India has a pest problem: monkeys! In response, locals devised a simple trap made out of a box with a small hole and rice inside. When monkeys reach in for the rice, their fist is too big to fit through the hole! Ah, but if they let go of the rice, then they can go free. Surprisingly, they refuse to let go of the rice and stay there struggling until they are captured.

All too often we all have our own personal monkey traps caused by stubbornness, habit, pride or greed. I'm always surprised to see people staying in negative situations when instead it's easier to let go, save yourself, and live a beautiful life! In simpler situations as learning a language or going abroad, we must let go of our old habits and preconceptions in order to be able to adapt to new mentalities, learn a language and culture for what it is... and see new colors we didn't know possible!

All too often, to have, we must let go.

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